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Procrastination essay introduction cause and effect

Logically speaking, the act of procrastination will affect performance. This might be caused by the unnecessary delay and reduced time duration to perform certain task. However, Tice & Baumeister (1997) argues that "whether a task is done far ahead of the deadline or only slightly ahead of it does not necessarily make any difference in the quality of work". Abstract. Cause and effect, in layman’s language mean that for every reaction there is always a precedent of an action. It is a condition whereby the occurrence of one event leads to the occurrence of another event. It is important to mention that cause and effect are typically associated to response and changes or events. Beswick and Mann (1994) state that procrastination is the action of delaying the beginning or completing an intended course. Ferrari and Pychyl (2008) state that the habit of procrastination brings a lot of negative effects to the students, such as low achievement of students or increase their physical.

Read More. Another cause of procrastination is the fear of failure. Perfectionism and self-criticism are the main reasons for fear of failure. If a perfectionist’s work is judged as ‘average’ it will feel like a failure to him due to his high expectations beforehand. The perfectionist defines himself through the evaluation of his work. Causes and Effects of Procrastination - 764 Words | Bartleby Cause and Effect of Procrastination - UK Essays Cause and Effect of Procrastination - UK Essays Procrastination and its Causes - 1129 Words | Essay Example Whether it is the rush or the lack of free time, procrastination has many causes and effects. Procrastination can be caused by the lack of available free time to complete an assignment. Whether it is an assignment from school or a task from a boss at work, many people seem procrastinate due to insufficient free time. In conclusion, it should be stated that procrastination is rooted in many causes, such as numerous distractions, lack of motivation, fear of uncertainty and failure, and perfectionism. At the same time, the result stands the same with infinite consequences such as concern for career, studies, health, and personal qualities. Effect And Essay Procrastination Cause Introduction. As for the effects, it brings both positive and negative effects · The causes of procrastination vary from person to person, but, there are main causes to procrastination. Even. Usually, people tend to see procrastination as something bad. Essay Editing.

Essay: Procrastination. From such, it becomes evident that it produces an effect towards one‘s work in form of academics, professionalism and sometimes personally (Reid, 2010) The Cause And Effects Of Procrastination.

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